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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 UPDATE Despite the adversities caused by the pandemic, the Skitude team has adopted a series of measures to maintain its activity with the necessary security.  In this sense, we have adopted remote working measures, as well as restricting travel and physical meetings as much as possible, promoting telematic meetings and videoconferences. The objective is

Will m-commerce overtake e-commerce?

Will m-commerce overtake e-commerce? Advances in payment methods and application improvements forecast a bright future for mobile e-commerce 1992 was a very special year. With much anticipation, the European States ratified the Maastricht Treaty, and made the free movement of persons within Europe possible, and one of the best Olympic Games in history was held

The advantages of an app experience vs mobile web

The advantages of an app experience vs mobile web Technology has put, in our hands, a powerful weapon of knowledge and socialization that is continually rewriting our relationship with the world. We are referring to the Smartphone revolution, a revolution, nonetheless, that could be difficult to understand without the development of an entirely parallel market,